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Wealth Creation Today® — A Personal Finance Course for Professionals Age 35 to 50

The classroom prepared you for your career. Now it's time to take a deep dive into your financial future. Come together with your peers for an insightful approach to assembling the personalized tools and strategies necessary for a lifetime of informed decisions. The instructor-led classroom format matters. You need a space to ask questions and get them answered. Soak in the knowledge and leave with confidence and a lasting connection.

Nearly every successful professional could benefit from increased financial fluency. Whether you are a corporate veteran, business owner, high-powered consultant, or independently wealthy, Wealth Creation Today® uses a comprehensive "big picture" approach to an integrated financial plan.

Have Questions? Feel free to reach out! The next round of classes will be taught in Fall 2020.



Webinar Wednesday's

Webinar Wednesday, hosted by MassMutual Greater Philadelphia, will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month via an interactive 1-hour Zoom webinar. These free, educational webinars are designed to provide you with helpful, relatable information, as well as provide you with a platform to ask questions! Please note, you must pre-register for each webinar. Each month's webinar will have a unique topic.


January's Webinar Wednesday - January 29th @ 7pm

This session will focus on a 2020 Market Outlook, presented by Mick McCreesh, Senior Vice President with Capital Group | American Funds.


February's Webinar Wednesday - February 27th @ 12pm & 7pm

This session will focus on the S.E.C.U.R.E. Act, effective January 1st, 2020, presented by John M. Novak, AIF®, CRPS®.


March's Webinar Wednesday - March 18th @ 12pm & 7pm

This session will focus on What a Fee Based Financial Planning Relationship typically entails.


April's Webinar Wednesday - April 15th @ 12pm & 7pm

This session will focus on Retirement Income Planning Ideas and Strategies.


May's Webinar Wednesday - May 20th @ 12pm & 7pm

This session will focus on College Funding Strategies.


June's Webinar Wednesday - June 17th @ 12pm & 7pm

This session will focus on Considerations When Planning with Individuals with Special Needs.


July's Webinar Wednesday - July 15th @ 12pm & 7pm

This session will focus on Student Loan Repayment Strategies.


August's Webinar Wednesday - August 19th @ 12pm & 7pm

This session will focus on Social Security planning.


September's Webinar Wednesday - September 16th @ 12pm & 7pm

This session will focus on Medicare & Healthcare in Retirement.


October's Webinar Wednesday - October 21st @ 12pm & 7pm

This session will focus on an Election Outlook and the Health of the Economy.


November's Webinar Wednesday - November 18th @ 12pm & 7pm

This session will focus on How Required Minimum Distributions (RMD's) Affect Retirement Planning.